Real Time Construction Progression

You don't have to be on the job site to know what's happening with your construction build.  With the latest drone data collection tools you can keep up to date with your job site through still imagery, video, and 2 dimensional modeling.

With today's drone technology unique flight paths for still images, video, and image models can be saved after an initial drone flight of your build location. Those flight paths can be re-used time and again.  Whether you want to show day to day progression, week to week progression, or month to month, the saved flight plans can be used to follow the same video path, take photos from the same locations, and generate site models that match your previous flights.

In the end, this means you'll be able to see the progress of your build on your own private custom pages here at See My Build!

  • Still Imaging For Time Lapse Progression

  • Video Flights For Time Lapse Progression

  • 2D Models For Time Lapse Progression

  • 360 Degree Images For Property Views

Using the latest in drone autonomous flight tools, your build site can be documented and saved for multiple site visits easily.

Still Imaging

With a saved flight path drones can visit select shot locations time after time to show the overall changes on your job site.  Whether you're looking to monitor your job site daily, weekly, or monthly, you'll be able to compare the progress on site with a quick glance.

A new job site where clearing has just started

Video Timelapse

Similar to the still imaging explanation, drone operators can construct re-usable flight paths that can be flown repeatedly to show overall job site progress.  Videos can be time lapsed on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis as well.

2 Dimensional & 3 Dimensional Modeling

With drone modeling applications your overall job site can be viewed easily.  You can see changes in material piles, fill piles, vehicle relocations, and more.  If you want to gauge the activity of your job site 2D Orthomosaic models can offer a lot of information in mere moments.