HD Video Presentations

Below are 2 videos covering the latest flight at Skye Ranch.  The first video is a time lapse showing the differences between the initial site visit in 2020 and the most recent video from 2022.  The second video shows the highlights of the March 31st 2022 visit.  Both videos are downloadable as well.  You can also open these videos up Full Screen if you'd like to.

Before & After Orthomosaic Images

In the before and after ortho image display below viewers can slide the before and after slider to see the major changes at the ranch between June 2021 and March of 2022.

Orthomosaic Zoom and Pan

Below this text you will also find the latest Orthomosaic image that you can zoom in on to see additional detail.  Simply click the + or - button on the bottom of the image.


360 Degree Property Tour

Make your way around the ranch with this 360 degree property tour.  The 360 degree images were shot around Skye Ranch on March 31st 2022.

Skye Ranch Still Images

Still aerial images from March 31st 2022.  You can view in a slide show format, zoom in and out of the images, download the images individually, or download the whole set in the form of a Zip File.