15375 North High Lonesome Way

•Project start August of 2021

•Initial flight August 5th 2021, followed up on August 9th, and finally August 16th

•Build site will get regular updates and time lapses of the progression of the overall project.

First Site Flights

The initial flights on this job site show off the new home build area very nicely.  Going forward though we'll be altering the flight paths to show the build over time from concrete pour through to when the residence is move in ready.

Each flight will get its own private page like the one you're viewing now.  The pages can be secured and kept private, or they can be open for the public to view.  Clients need to let us know their preference and we'll be happy to make it happen.

Before & After 2D Property Model

The 2 dimensional model shows a top down view of the property in August and November of 2021.  As the site progresses visitors will be show the changes on the property over time.

Simply use the slider bar to look at the changes in the site between August and November of 2021.

360 Degree Still Image

For the initial clearing of the job site we've selected a 360 image of the overall site.  Moving forward on the project we can provide several 360 degree images to show the overall area around the home.

This 360 degree image was captured August 9th, 2021

Still Images

The initial still images on this presentation cover the overall clearing area for the new home build.

Future still images will be shot from the same locations on each visit allowing viewers to see a time lapse of the changes on property as the new residence is being built.

Construction Site Models

Both 2D and 3D models of the new home site can be generated from a property flight.  The model in the right hand column is a low resolution 3 dimensional model.  Viewers cam click and rotate the model, zoom in and out, and also rotate up and down.