Solstice Ridge 2 Project Archive

This is the 2023 Project Archive.  Several initial visits performed in 2022

Project Site Visits 2023 Archive

Solstice Ridge 2 Still Images

Views from the Solstice Ridge 2 project in Prescott Arizona.  These images will be updated as the project moves forward and construction is ongoing.  Be sure to stop in regularly to see the changes at the project site.

The first gallery contains panoramic images from sites 41 to 54.  Each panoramic is shot from approximately 8 feet above ground level viewing south.  3 to 4 images were used to create each pano.

The second gallery contains all of the individual images that were used to generate the panoramic images.  Once again, the shots were taken about 8 feet above the site’s ground level.  All of the images are downloadable.  If you require any images sized for print please let us know.