4971 Three Forks Road Talking Rock -  Hughes Family Build

Progression videos and still images began on site in May of 2021.  The construction was well under way, and we unfortunately missed the beginning of this project.

Video Progression - May Through July

A time lapse video series of the Hughes home site over the course of 2021.  This is the 3rd video from the site showing changes from May through July of 2021.

Residence Interior Tour

Before the walls were closed up a series of 360 degree images was created to help the future owners know where their utilities are throughout the home.  Visitors can use the floor plan to navigate the building, they can use the slider images below, or they can follow a walking tour through the property.

Please Note:  In the upper right corner of this display you can enter full screen mode as you look around the building's interior.  You can also zoom in and out of each scene for a closer look at feature details.