Solstice Project  April 7th 2024

Solstice Project  April 7th 2024

Mutliple sites available

Solstice Video April 7th 2024

An overview of all sites along South Lakeview Drive.  The sites are at various levels of construction.  

Work along Irwin Way and Sassaby Circle has begun.  You can see more on the second video presented here for Irwin and Sassaby.  

April 7th and March 17th 2024 Before & After

The latest before and after of the Solstice Job Site.  

3D Site Model

This is a 3D Model captured for the April 7th 2024 site visit. As the build proceeds a new model will be generated for each site visit.  Click & Drag to rotate the model, scroll to zoom in and out of the model.  You can also set the model to full screen as well.

Still Image Gallery April 7th 2024

To view larger images simply double click on one image, and then arrow through the images.  You can also download the images from this presentation.