Solstice Project January 28th 2023

Site visit January 28th

Solstice Project January 28th 2023

Site visit January 28th

Solstice Video January 28th 2023

Ground has been broken on 4 sites.  Currently the sites 42, 43, 47, and 37 are under way.  The sites are at different stages of development as of January 28th 2023.  

As additional changes to the sites are made, follow up videos will be added in order to document the new home builds.  Currently sites 42 & 43 are well under way with roofing already going up. 

When ground is broken on additional sites the videos will be expanded to include those as well

January 8th & 28th Orthomosaic Before & After

January 28th 2023 shows  Sites 42, 43, 47, & 37.  Sites 42 & 43 are progressing quickly for 2 Model homes.  Walls have gone up, and roofing is well under way for the units.  We expect to see similar progress on our mid-month site visit.

3D Site Model January 28th 2023

This site model was generated with 266 images shot East West and then North South.   Click & Drag to rotate the model, scroll to zoom in and out of the model.  You can also set the model to full screen as well.

Still Image Gallery January 28th 2023

Showcasing sites 37, 42, 43, & 47, due to their groundbreaking land preparation, and initial construction.  As additional lots come on line they will be cataloged as well to show the over all site changes on the Solstice Project.